Section 5 Potential Problems

Septic System Failure Best Management Practices

If you notice any signs of septic system failure, use best management practices (BMPs) until you can get a professional to the property.

  • Conserve water until the repair is made.
  • Rope or fence off the area where sewage is on the ground to keep people and animals from coming into contact with it.
  • Do not cover up the exposed effluent with soil or other material as this may cause sewage to back up into the home.
  • Do not pump or redirect exposed effluent to rivers, lakes, or streams, or to abandoned wells or holes. This can lead to significant water quality impairment and it is illegal.
  • Call a professional as soon as possible to help correct the problem.

every-drop-countsConserving water is important every day and is especially critical when  you suspect a septic system failure!

repairmanCall a professional as soon as you suspect a septic system failure!