Section 2 What Is A Septic System?

Different Types Of Septic Systems

There are two basic categories of septic systems: conventional and alternative systems.

conventional septic system


Conventional systems include gravity distribution systems, which make use of gravity flow to drain wastewater from the house to the septic tank and leach field, and pressure systems, which utilize a pump to convey wastewater to a secondary tank that drains to the leach field.





In some areas, conventional septic systems may not be appropriate due to a high water table, improper soil type, or lack of soil depth. Alternative septic systems are generally more expensive to install and operate than conventional septic systems. There are several types of alternative septic systems including mound systems, biofilters, sand filters, and constructed wetlands. A mound system is pictured to the left.  These systems are constructed using imported gravel and fill soil to create an elevated area where the partially treated wastewater from a septic tank can be discharged for further treatment within the mound.